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This was our very first recording, and a learning experience for most of us, realizing that it is not so easy to produce rock music. This is where we met and started working with Vincent Côté, who has been our sound engineer ever since.

Features very rough versions of tracks that can be found on the self-entitled full album. We released it at Dave's Fest in Ste-Julienne in August 2011, opening up for what ended up being night to remember capped by The Planet Smashers.

It is still free on bandcamp, so if you want to have a good laugh and compare mixes, go ahead.

Cover artwork was made by our drummer Bol.


released September 9, 2011



all rights reserved


Vinny Savage & The Wild Side Montréal, Québec

A 6 piece ska-punk band from the suburbs of Montreal, Vinny Savage and the Wild Side are reputed sparkplugs among the local Montreal scene. Mixing intensity and colorful rythmns, they've had the honor to open up for bands like The Planet Smashers and Flatfoot 56, also local heroes The Fundamentals and The Beatdown, while making the 2012 Bill of the Mtl Ska Festival. New EP coming in september. ... more

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Track Name: Freddy Don't Blow It
pass the bottle up gimme that next puff
what was it dear you was speakin of?
we'll cruise though the night yeah cruise outta sight
so fuck you all, she's temporarily mine

Procrastinate the second thoughts
'cause tim goes by and you will get caught
gossip talk, newspaper fill
the likely 'cause of getting ill

Outta the blight armed with a hash pipe
our shadows slick slick as this clockwork music
we can get to the moon or make it straight to your room
its getting cold and i wouldnt like to fold

been there done that call me genius call me rat
you took something there, i gotta get it back
whats bringing you down on this side of the street
was it the savage spirit or the fresh white meat

yeah rudy does this rudy does that
and he dont like it when the tires flat
he's seen too much of it sadly made an habit
so please lady please dont you blow it

repeat chorus
Track Name: Hysterical
it's friday night and I'm not with you tonight
i'm just sitting at the bar, tryin' to clear my mind
I'll see you later told you things would be alright
but you burst in tears and make the troubles rise

just when I thought we would get along (get along)
Hey girl was there something I ever did wrong

Chorus :
She's so
Babe you're playin' with the wrong kind of fire now
you're Hysterical
You scream, complain, sayin' I'm the vilain
You're so
Babe you're really, my ball and chain right now

Well cutie here she won't do too much for me
but when she's steaming heat she puts the fire on me
she's throwing stuff tellin me to fuck off
but she still hasn't told what the hell it's about

What should i do man what she waitin' for (waitin' for)
I thought I knew once but today, I am not so sure

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus
Track Name: The Heat
Just keep it coming 'cause I ain't rushing
We're headed for a bash my friend detonation of our own creation
Just take a step back and brace for impact
Feel the ground is shakin'
It's been boiling deep inside the soundtrack
the static control, raisin' of the lows
it's been creepin' thru your bones,
it's the devil takin' over your soul

We take the heat to another degree
So don't be scared to let your spirit free
Just keep it grooving don't you dare to stop

Don't you worry too much
If we be playin' it rough
We're taking mathers in our own hands
Execution of the masterplan
Scientists are working
On the perfect combination, for a feel good rythm,
To set off this massive attraction
We bring you ruder days, drag you to the skankin' craze
It's a black and white maze, pork pie hats and the street livin' ways

Repeat Chorus after bridge